Super Obliteration

Super Obliteration Beta 1.01

Asteroid blasting retro shooter


  • Simple, fun gameplay
  • Retro feel
  • Addictive


  • Only one player
  • Music can't be turned off

Not bad

Super Obliteration is a remake of a 1993 Commodore Amiga game. Essentially a Pang clone, this replaces bubbles with asteroids, and makes the game basically faster and louder.

Using keyboard to move left, right and jump, alongside the mouse for aiming and shooting, each level sees you blasting asteroids while trying to avoid being hit by them. in Super Obliteration, as with Pang, shoot a big asteroid, and it splits into two smaller, faster ones. Power-ups are dropped as you destroy things, and although the graphics are quite blocky even for a 16-bit game, this remake adds some shiny explosion effects.

The space setting, laser gun and power ups give Super Obliteration more intense gameplay than cheerful Pang, although this is just a one player game. Anyone who enjoys Asteroids, Pang or shoot 'em ups in general will enjoy Super Obliteration. It's pretty simple, but it's good for mindless high score chasing, and has a nice retro 90s feel to it. controls are configurable, but there's not

Super Obliteration is a fast paced, simple arcade game great for retro fans, and anyone who wants a quick five minute blast.

Super Obliteration


Super Obliteration Beta 1.01

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